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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Darwinists fabricate a controversy in order to declare a showy victory

The National Center for Science Education has the story here. Rober Crowther comments on Evolution News & Views,

No news continues to make news. Or maybe it's agenda driven reporting making up news? Either way, this article trumpets the fact that Nebraskans need not worry that evolution will be replaced with intelligent design in science classes. Of course, that wasn't being suggested and discussed anyhow. So, here's a case of the media taking no news and goosing it into a "news" story.

Three members of the Nebraska Board of Education say they're not aware of any effort by board members or the public to include intelligent design in Nebraska's new science standards.

"I've had zero contact from anyone," said board member Robert Evnen of Lincoln, who is on a committee reviewing the standards.

Why is not being asked to do something that nobody is talking about doing worth reporting on?

I have news for those members of the Nebraska Board of Education: even in those hotbeds of creationism, Texas and Kansas, there were no organized attempts to add the words "intelligent design" to the curriculum. Instead, there were efforts to add terms like "strengths and weaknesses." Only in Dover, PA, did a naive school board offcially use the term "intelligent design." That term needs to be avoided because people immediately start asking "who is the intelligent designer," "what does the intelligent designer look like," etc..

I propose the following sensational news headline:

No Angry Mob of Bible-Pounding, Holy-Rolling Creationist Fundies with Pitchforks March on Nebraska Board of Education Demanding that Evolution be Replaced with Biblical Creationism



Saturday, June 05, 2010

"Systematic" holocaust would be impossible even with DNA testing!

I have long contended that a "systematic" Jewish holocaust was impossible because the Nazis had no objective and reliable way of identifying Jews and non-Jews. This claim is often pooh-poohed with examples of how supposedly easy it was for the Nazis to objectively and reliably identify Jews. The stories go something like this: Nazis raiding a synagogue find the rabbi there. They torture him, forcing him to reveal the synagogue's membership list. The Nazis then hunt the members down one by one.

I have speculated about whether the Nazis could have objectively and reliably identified Jews and non-Jews by means of DNA testing, which of course was not a available to them. This study shows that the answer to that question is no.