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My biggest motivation for creating my own blogs was to avoid the arbitrary censorship practiced by other blogs and various other Internet forums. Censorship will be avoided in my blogs -- there will be no deletion of comments, no closing of comment threads, no holding up of comments for moderation, and no commenter registration hassles. Comments containing nothing but insults and/or ad hominem attacks are discouraged. My non-response to a particular comment should not be interpreted as agreement, approval, or inability to answer.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Darwin Day again -- argh!

Darwin Day is here again! [1] [2] The Darwin-Lincoln essay contests! The Evolution Sunday sermons! The parties with the Darwinian birthday cakes! Ugh!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hypocritical Wes "Ding" Elsberry complains about censorship

On the Panda's Thumb blog, Wes "Ding" Elsberry barfs,

The “intelligent design” creationists over at the Discovery Institute have long maintained a hypocritical stance. For public consumption, they say that they favor “teaching the controversy”. However, almost any time they control the forum, they pretty ruthlessly make it impossible for one to hear anything but their own spin on a topic. Now, they are asking for comments . . . . . .

. . . . . In the past, the DI’s “Evolution News and Views” (EN&V) blog has dispensed entirely with the concept of comments. However, a post there indicates that the DI is posed to break with their tendentious tradition, to at least some degree:

Of course, you might want to discuss it with the scientists and scholars themselves. To that end, comments will be allowed on selected articles. All comments are held for moderation. The debate over evolution and intelligent design attracts all kinds, including those who detract from the conversation by their obnoxious behavior. In order to maintain a higher level of discourse, we will not publish comments that use foul language, ad hominem attacks, threats, or are otherwise uncivil.

Given their past history in moderation practice, though, I’d recommend that you compose any comments destined for EN&V in a text editor so that you can hang on to your work, without assuming that they will post and archive it on their site.

Well, Ding, the National Center for Science Education's blog still does not accept any comments at all.

When I complained about having technical difficulty in posting a comment on Ding's personal blog "Austringer," Ding answered, "that is so-o-o-o not my problem," and refused to post the comment for me.

Also, the Darwinists like to brag about how many Darwinist blogs have banned me. I guess they found my ideas about co-evolution to be too threatening (see the post-label group titled, "Non-ID criticisms of evolution").