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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Kenyan fundies soften demands about hominid fossil exhibit

In "Fundies in Kenya target hominid fossil exhibit", it was reported that Kenyan fundies were demanding that a hominid fossil exhibit either be removed altogether or moved to a less prominent location. Now they are only demanding that the interpretive inscriptions for the fossils be changed:

"We are objecting to the message that the fossil exhibits represent the scientific evidence of human evolution," said Bishop Boniface Adoyo, chairman of the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya, which claims to represents churches of 35 denominations with 9 million members. "They do not. Human evolution is still a theory and this cannot be called as evidence.”

. . . .It's not the exhibit itself the alliance opposes, Adoyo told Wired News, but rather its interpretation. A satisfactory solution, he said, would be to remove the words that would classify the fossils as "scientific evidence," displaying them instead as a history of other creatures, without connecting them to human beings.

Hopefully this apparent softening of demands will make it easier to reach a compromise.

And the Darwinists think that American fundies are a problem!



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