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Monday, January 22, 2007

The filthy-rich ACLU

The American Civil Liberty Union, which sued the Dover Area and Cobb County school districts over evolution disclaimers in the public schools, has been moaning that a proposed ban on attorney fee awards in establishment clause cases (HR 2679 and S 3696 in the last Congress) would cause hardship for the organization. However, the fact is that the ACLU is so filthy-rich that it would hardly even notice the effect of such a ban. An article in The Nation magazine said of ACLU's executive director Anthony Romero,

Many current board members vociferously insist that Romero's mistakes must be viewed in the larger context of his accomplishments, which are indeed impressive: He doubled the size of the full-time staff in the ACLU's national office, from 186 to nearly 400; he raised staff salaries; he lifted the ACLU's membership from 300,000 to 550,000; he nearly doubled both the total revenue of the ACLU and the net assets of the ACLU Foundation; he brought in new support from foundations; and he launched a TV series.

Imagine -- a full-time staff of nearly 400 in the national office alone! Also, the ACLU's lawsuits often get free legal help from outside attorneys. And in the Dover lawsuit, volunteer attorneys from the Pepper-Hamilton law firm did most of the work but ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State pocketed all of the profits, about $750,000 (the $1 million attorney fee award minus about $250,000 in expenses).

Ed "for crying out loud" Brayton is fond of pointing out that the fundies also collect these attorney fee awards in 1st amendment religion lawsuits -- but the fundies usually sue under the free exercise clause (and sometimes the free speech clause) and almost never sue under the establishment clause.

As an alternative to a ban on attorney fee awards in establishment clause lawsuits, I have proposed a cap on attorney fee awards in both establishment clause and free exercise clause lawsuits.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pulling the Covers off Cobb County(GA)!!

Have you seen all the “critters come out of the woodwork”? They are all dancing in
the streets, celebrating another victory for evolution, and insanity. That “so called” victory for them was handed over by the Cobb County School Board in Georgia. They chose an ineffectual, inexperienced, and perhaps overpriced law firm to defend their "evolution sticker" case, which they did not take seriously enough. Both the board, and the law firm, had no idea what they were fighting against, nor how to defeat the opposing side.

The general public thinks that the Cobb County (GA) School Board truly tried to uphold the opinion of the 2300+ signatures within the county to have evolution disclaimer stickers put on their science books, gathered by Ms. Marjorie Rogers. However, that is not true. The board agreed to exclude expert testimony that would have proven in the first trial that there is another plausible explanation for the 600+ million year fossil record, giving way to three parents, and ignoring 2,300 parents. Doesn’t the majority rule?

The general public is also under the impression that the defense for the board used all available legal recourses in an attempt to win the case. However, the defense agreed to not use the line of questioning that would have proven that the exclusive teaching of evolution in public school is unconstitutional., and indeed was only one interpretation of the facts.

Why did the board pay the Brock Clay law firm $74,000? Did they want to win the case, or just put on a good show? Why did the board choose to "close their ears" to expert testimony and evidence, not knowing if it would help them or not? The truth is, that the Board didn't want to win the case, and has impeded the progress of other school boards that want to teach a more balanced approach to the history of ancient life forms.

Can the evolution monopoly in public schools be defeated in a court of law? Yes!! The Court of Appeals looked for evidence that warranted the verdict of the first trial. It didn't find any, and ordered additional supporting evidence, or a new trial.

What did the Cobb County School board do? First, they retained the same incompetent council. Second, they chose to pay out over $166,000 to the other side, rather than go through another trial, which they would win with the proper preparation. Third, they chose to back stab every other school board, by getting down on their knees, and capitulating to the ACLU, when the Board had superior forces on their side at the ready. And fourthly, they promised to never question evolution again. Is Cobb County going to let the minority and ACLU dictate the education curriculum?

Since they are going to make things worst (by non-action) for America, they should resign from office, and let Cobb County elect wiser officials with more vision. Cobb County residents should be suing them for gross incompetence, and have a "recall election", kicking those hypocrites out of office.

So who are the cowards? The school board, or the Cobb County residents that refuse to take action? If there is/was a retrial, it would be the ACLU running away with it’s tail between it’s legs.

Herman Cummings
PO Box 1745
Fortson GA, 31808-1745
(706) 662-2893

Monday, January 22, 2007 3:50:00 PM  
Blogger Larry Fafarman said...

Anonymous (Herman Cummings) said...
>>>>>>Pulling the Covers off Cobb County(GA)!!

(etc., etc., etc.) <<<<<<

A comment that is the same or similar was placed on another thread on this blog. My reply is here.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007 2:19:00 PM  

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