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Saturday, February 10, 2007

List of posts about Judge Jones' speeches and interviews; another interview found

I just discovered a recording of another of Judge Jones' public-speaking events, a radio interview in which he directly discussed the Dover case. The code on the URL link for the interview indicates that the interview occurred on March 22 of last year (this date is also consistent with the weather report given during the recording), before Jones started his official policy of not publicly speaking directly about the case (his spokesperson falsely stated that it has always been his policy to not publicly speak directly about the case). Jones' interview covers about the first 52 minutes of the recording.

I am taking this opportunity to list this blog's other posts that discuss Jones' public speeches and interviews. The 22 posts listed below plus this post constitute 8% of this blog's posts, plus there are many other posts about Jones here, so it is obvious that Jones is a big topic here. Here is the list:

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More "breathtaking inanity" from Judge Jones

Judge Jones wrong about Founding Fathers' "true religion"

More buffoonery from Judge Jones

Ed Brayton: Judge Jones is above criticism

False stereotyping of criticism of Judge Jones

Judge Jones hides behind "judicial independence" issue

Report on Judge Jones' speech at KU

More on judicial independence

Judge Jones' lame excuses

Judge Jones the megalomaniac

The Living End: Judge Jones' infamous statement about the Founders' "true religion" is a plagiarism

Judge Jones is still on the lecture circuit

Judge Jones falsely denies speaking publicly about Dover case specifics

Videos of Kansas U. "Difficult Dialogues" talk series

Judge Jones still talking through his hat

Even Ed Brayton finds fault with Judge Jones' "true religion" speech

Judge Jones said, "some of my colleagues . . . think I'm crazy"

Update: Judge Jones is still on the lecture circuit



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