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Friday, June 08, 2007

Where is Fatheaded Ed's brain?

A blog article titled "Where is the Gonzalez letter?" by Ed Brayton says,
By the way, I just thought I'd point out that it has now been several days and neither Gonzalez nor the Discovery Institute has publicly released the letter from ISU President Gregory Geoffroy in which he details the reasons for the tenure denial. There is only one conceivable reason why they have not done so - because it undermines their case for martyrdom. You know damn well that if it provided anything at all that they could spin as supporting that claim, or even spin as not completely debunking it, that letter would have been made public in a millisecond. Sometimes silence speaks volumes.

What would be the point of publicly releasing the letter? It is doubtful that the letter says that Gonzalez's pro-ID views were a reason for denying him tenure. The letter probably does not say anything about grants either, because the deadline for the decision was several days away and ISU told the Discovery Institute that the grant funding figures that DI requested were not yet available. Also, Gonzalez has one more avenue of appeal, the ISU board of regents, and maybe he is afraid that publicizing the letter will jeopardize his chances of persuading the board to reverse the denial of tenure.

Again, I would post this comment on Ed's blog but I and my ideas are banned there.



Anonymous Voice in the Wilderness said...

Fatheaded Larry Fafarman said...

> Again, I would post this comment on Ed's blog but I and my ideas are banned there. <

Your ideas are not banned there. Your childish antics are.

Friday, June 08, 2007 6:13:00 PM  

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