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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Incredible bigotry on Houston Chronicle's Evo.Sphere blog

Crackpot Darwinist Steven Schafersman, a blogger on the Houston Chronicle's Evo.Sphere blog who is president of Texas Citizens for Science and a member of the committee that drafted the new Texas Earth and Space Science standards, posted an Evo.Sphere blog article that compares Texas board of education chairman Don McLeroy to Stalin and compares Chris Comer -- the former science director of the Texas Education Agency who was ousted for various infractions, including violation of the TEA's policy of neutrality regarding the public hearings on the proposed new Texas science standards -- to a Russian scientist who was sent to the Gulag for disagreeing with Lysenkoism.

As I pointed out, another Evo.Sphere blogger, Dan Graur, is also a bigot -- he wrote,

Sarah Palin would probably approve of Mengele’s methodology; after all Darwinian evolution did not serve as a guiding principle in his studies, nor were federal Dollars (or Reichsmarks) spent on fruit flies.

And to think that these folks complain about the Darwin-to-Hitler stuff.

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