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Monday, March 09, 2009

Demagogic Darwinists will inevitably link stem cell and evolution controversies

It is inevitable now that demagogic Darwinist crackpots will lump together the controversies over evolution and stem cell research because (1) Pres. Bush both opposed stem cell research and supported teaching the controversy over evolution and (2) White House aides said that Pres. Obama will sign an executive order Monday lifting limits on human embryonic stem cell research and will direct federal agencies to "restore scientific integrity" to decision-making [1]. Linking the two controversies is unfortunate because the objection to stem cell research is really irrational whereas questioning Darwinian evolution is not. Stem cell embryos are not human beings by any stretch of the imagination -- they are just tiny clumps of undifferentiated cells. Also, the research was to be performed only on stem cell embryos that had already been discarded by fertility clinics -- there was no plan to grow the embryos specifically for the purpose of research.

Lumping together unrelated or different viewpoints is the Darwinists' stock-in-trade -- for example, they have done this with intelligent design and creationism.


Anonymous Michael said...

It was President Clinton who prevented federal money for the creation of new lines of human embryos for research but kept funding adult stem cell research. When Bush came into office he reaffirm the previous policy.

Even so, setbacks while experimenting with embryonic cells in the lab existed and the explosion of adult stem cell research (which was 2008 science breakthrough of the year), makes embryonic research obsolete but it is being used as a political weapon against those like myself who are against ES research but very much for iPs, and ASC research. And lastly, it's also has to do with greed, they can never get enough funding for a pet project of theirs even in bad economic times.

I agree, the link between evolution and stem cell research is invalid.

Monday, March 09, 2009 10:44:00 AM  

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