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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Rehire Comer as a madogiwa zoku ("window-seat tribe") worker

There has been little interest in the dismissal of Chris Comer's lawsuit against the Texas Education Agency. It looks like I may not have her to kick around anymore, so I want to take one last parting shot at her.

I finally thought of a way to get rid of her without making a martyr out of her -- the TEA should offer to rehire her as a "madogiwa zoku" worker. That is a Japanese term meaning "window-seat tribe":

Traditional Japanese offices use open-floor designs with most important folks sitting in the center, where all the important activity happens. Rather than getting the ax, poorly performing workers were given ‘window seats’ with little or nothing to do; they sit idle, staring out the window, forced to reflect on their superfluousness. Some quit in shame, others ride the desk until retirement. [1]

One can only imagine the embarrassment that other TEA staffers must have felt as a result of Comer's irresponsible action -- here they were trying very hard to give the appearance of neutrality and then she sent out an email like that. Here are some statements from internal emails:
I am cc: Noell because this is something that the State Board, the Governor's Office and members of the Legislature would be extremely upset to see because it assumes this is a subject that the agency supports.

Team, I don't know what previous actions have been taken with respect to her conduct as a state employee but it is my understanding that this is a frequent issue.

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Good grief . . . I agree. I'll take care of this.
[2, page 6]




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