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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Chuck Norris on bible courses in public schools

Superfundy Chuck Norris should go back to doing what he does best, playing a Texas Ranger on TV.

Public-school courses in the-bible-as-literature are becoming widespread. Norris wrote an article that called the following proposed additions to a Texas bill concerning these courses "unnecessary":

(1) Mandate that teachers have appropriate academic qualifications and sufficient training on legal and constitutional issues surrounding instruction about the Bible in public schools.

(2) Require rigorous, scholarly reviewed textbooks and other curriculum materials for all courses.

(3) Include strong and specific language that protects the religious freedom of students and their families by barring the use of Bible classes to evangelize or promote personal religious perspectives.

(4) Require the Texas Education Agency to regularly monitor and report on the content of public school Bible courses to ensure that they are academically and legally appropriate.

(5) Continue to allow districts the option to offer – or not offer – such courses.

Superfundies like Chuck Norris fuel the paranoia of those -- e.g., the Anti-Defamation League -- who are trying to outlaw and taboo the mere mention of Darwinism's weaknesses in public schools. An ADL press release said,

Philadelphia, PA, December 20, 2005 …The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) welcomed today's ruling in the Dover, PA Intelligent Design case as "a win for public school students and science education."

No, ADL, it was a win for the ADL, not for the students. The ADL couldn't give a tinker's dam about the students -- the ADL just sees the students as pawns in its efforts to promote its extremist paranoid agenda on the "separation of church and state." Who in the students' lives are as well qualified to inform them about ID as their science teachers? Outlawing ID and other scientific or pseudoscientific criticisms of Darwinism in public-school science classes promotes ignorance.


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