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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another arbitrarily censoring blogger: Jason Rosenhouse

Touchy Jason Rosenhouse, blogger on the Evolution Blog and also a blogger on Panda's Thumb, said that his main reason for banning me from the Evolution blog was that he was offended by my post titled "Funny, he doesn't look like a Jew. Who knew?". Jason wrote,
I've been barely tolerating you as it is, but you are not going to be using my blog to promote holocaust denial and anti-semitism. You are no longer welcome to comment here. I understand now why so many other bloggers have seen fit to ban you in the past.

None of my posts here are anti-Semitic. And I was not using Jason's blog to promote my holocaust revisionism -- I did not discuss the holocaust on Jason's blog and I did not link to any of my blog articles about the holocaust.

Jason said,

I've long had a policy of allowing people to post whatever comments they wanted at this blog, as long as they weren't vulgar or libelous. But your behavior in this thread has been so obnoxious and your remarks so idiotic that you have forced me to reevaluate that policy.

Here are some of my "vulgar," "libelous," and "obnoxious" remarks on Jason's blog:

There are always those self-appointed cyberbullying blogosphere goons who won't even give a commenter a chance to respond before they make a disparaging remark.

IMO Behe should apologize for quote-mining Coyne and you should apologize for charging that he "doctored" quotes and that his EoE ["The Edge of Evolution"] book quote-mined Carroll.

It is one thing to argue that Behe is wrong and something else entirely to charge that Behe quote-mined Carroll. I am astonished that I need to explain this difference to you people.

I can't believe this. I feel like I am Alice in Wonderland -- maybe at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party -- trying to reason with characters who are completely irrational and nonsensical.

"I will not be replying to any further comments from you. " Thank you -- I don't think I could stomach any more of your arguments.

You are just talking through your hat, Jason.

Those remarks don't sound very vulgar, libelous, or obnoxious to me.

The real reason why Jason kicked me off his blog was that he was upset that I had completely demolished his claim that two particular quotations in Behe's new book "The Edge of Evolution" were quote mines. A lot of the other commenters could do nothing but make their usual insults and ad hominem attacks against me.

An introduction to Jason's article, posted on Panda's Thumb, said of "The Edge of Evolution,"

A new ID book, a new selection of yummy delicious quote-mines to ponder. EoE offers up quite the little smorgasbord.

All that Jason provided on this "little smorgasbord" of "yummy delicious quote-mines" was just two quotations in EoE that were not quote mines at all. The Darwinists can dish it out but they can't take it.

Fatheaded Ed Brayton had to throw in his two cents worth in a post titled "Behe Caught Quotemining":

Jason Rosenhouse has the details. Fafarman shows up in the comments to disagree with him, which is pretty much prima facie proof that Jason got it right.

These stupid Darwinists have distorted the meaning of the term "quote mine" beyond recognition. The only way that these Darwinists could make the charge of quote mining in EoE was by making up all sorts of things that were not in the contexts of the quotations. To these Darwinists, any quotation whose use they don't like is a "quote mine."

Jason has unwittingly done me a favor -- my SiteMeter shows that his condemnation of this blog has backfired by actually increasing this blog's traffic. Once here, people can see how reasonable this blog really is.

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Anonymous Voice in the Wilderness said...

> Those remarks don't sound very vulgar, libelous, or obnoxious to me. <

Then again you have shown yourself to be a poor judge of such things.

> The real reason <

Jason gave the real reason. You are imagining things as usual.

> he was upset that I had completely demolished his claim...<

Your debating skills are so poor that we can assume that this is false without even reading your posts. You have never demolished anyones claims.

> their usual insults and ad hominem attacks against me. <

All you seem to have is ad hominem attacks. It is at worst pot calling kettle black.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 7:40:00 AM  

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