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Monday, August 13, 2007

Fatheaded Ed misinterprets Lemon test's "purpose prong"

Fatheaded Ed Brayton says in a post on his blog,
On August 12th, I posted quotes on my blog from the NCBCPS [National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools] webpage that clearly have implications for any purpose prong analysis of that curriculum. On the front page, they reprinted a column written by Chuck Norris, one of their advisory board members, that included Norris declaring that this curriculum was, "Your first step to get God back into your public school." Within a few hours of that post going up, the NCBCPS edited their front page to remove that quote, while leaving in the rest of Norris' article.

I neglected to archive the page when I wrote it, but this can be confirmed by looking at the original text of Norris' column, which is still available at the Worldnetdaily site. The phrase "Your first step to get God back into your public school" is in big bold letters as a column heading near the bottom of the article. This is just more historical revisionism from a group that is famous for it, of course, but it may not look too good to the judge in the case. I'll make sure this information gets to the attorneys.

The purpose prong of the Lemon test applies only to government officials, whereas the NCBCPS is not a government agency and its staffers are not government officials. And even if the NCBCPS policy is considered to be a factor in any lawsuit, the NCBCPS cannot be held accountable for the views of all of its staffers. Norris's views about getting god "back into your public school" were deleted from the NCBCPS website and so are not official NCBCPS policy. Also, the lousy Lemon test is on its way out, anyway. Not all judges are as dumb as Judge Jones.



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