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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hypocritical Ed complains about government censorship

An article posted by arbitrarily censoring BVD-clad blogger Fatheaded Ed Brayton says,

Adnan Oktar, the Turkish nut who goes by the pen name Harun Yahya to pen (or have others pen) his voluminous creationist tracts, has gotten a Turkish court to block all blogs that use Wordpress, probably the second most popular standalone blog software in the world. Why? Because some blogs that use Wordpress published mean things about this lunatic and, being the totalitarian wingnut that he is, he wants them silenced.

Well, Ed -- to me, censorship is censorship. It doesn't matter to me whether the government or a blogger does it; the same principle -- or should I say lack of principle -- is involved.

. . . .the idiot seems to be blissfully unaware of the difference between a blog and the software used to create it. Banning Wordpress is like banning the company that makes the paper someone printed something nasty about you on.

Well, Ed, it's called "collateral damage" -- like when blocking an Internet user's ISP proxy's static IP address blocks other Internet users who share the same address.

Anyway, Ed, it's all just payback for Kitzmiller v. Dover.

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