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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nov. 19 oral hearing on proposed Texas science standards

Steven Schafersman on the Houston Chronicle Evo.Sphere blog has posted an article about the state board of education's oral hearing tomorrow on the proposed Texas science standards. He says that around 100 people are going to testify -- I checked with the Texas Education Agency and was told that the number is more like about 60. Even that number is surprisingly high because this meeting was not widely publicized because it is not considered to be an official oral hearing on the proposed Texas science standards -- the official oral hearing is supposed to take place next year. I suspect that tomorrow's hearing will have a lot of testimony about the scientific issues involved in the evolution controversy. I consider those scientific issues to be largely irrelevant -- I made no mention of them (e.g. , my non-ID criticisms of evolution, including criticisms concerning co-evolution) in comments that I submitted about the proposed science standards.

There will be a live audio Internet broadcast of tomorrow's SBOE meeting -- a link to the broadcast will probably be posted tomorrow in the left sidebar (The link, titled "*Click here for a live audio broadcast of the SBOE meetings*", is posted in the main section of the webpage, just above "Schedule and Agendas.") of this webpage. Fortunately I can listen to a continuous audio transmission even with my slow dial-up Internet connection. The meeting starts at 9:00 AM Central Standard Time but the proposed Texas Science standards are the last item on the agenda and no one knows when the public comments on those standards will start.



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