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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Houston Chronicle censors an Evo.Sphere blog post by Schafersman

An Evo.Sphere blog post by "Stupid Steven" Schafersman says,

Young Earth Creationist Attack on the New Texas Earth and Space Science Course

This column was removed from this blog by a Houston Chronicle editor. I don't know why and am waiting for an explanation. I believe someone I named in the column complained, and I'm pretty sure I know who it is, since he has done this before.

Since I'm not going to re-post the report here, here's where you can read it off site:


Steven Schafersman

When I complained to the Houston Chronicle staff about Stupid Steven's arbitrary censorship of my comments submitted to his posts on the Evo.Sphere blog, they told me that they were not going to do anything because Evo.Sphere is an "independent" blog. But how in the hell can Evo.Sphere be an independent blog if a Houston Chronicle staffer can censor posts on it?
The claim that Evo.Sphere is an independent blog was of course phony from the beginning. It has the Houston Chronicle's name on it and Houston Chronicle staffer Eric Berger set up the blog, advertised it, invited Schafersman to blog on it, made the decision to moderate comments, and has checked the blog for comments awaiting approval.

Also, as for Schafersman's statement, "I believe someone I named in the column complained, and I'm pretty sure I know who it is, since he has done this before," I think it is pretty obvious who he is referring to -- Texas state board of education member David Bradley. The report mentions four people: two members of the Earth and Space Science standards-drafting committee and two members of the SBOE, Terri Leo and David Bradley. I doubt that the two ESS committee members have the clout to get the Houston Chronicle to censor an Evo.Sphere post and Terri Leo is not a "he," so that just leaves David Bradley.



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