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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Update: sensationalized hearing for fundy teacher

As I previously reported, the demagogic Darwinists are sensationalizing a misconduct hearing of a fundy creationist teacher, John Freshwater. [1] [2] The Darwinists are now trying to turn the hearing into a mini-Dover or mini-Scopes trial. An entire day of the hearing was devoted to hearing testimony from a witness who is an expert about creationism! Panda's Thumb reported,
Day 10 of the Freshwater hearing was devoted entirely to direct and cross examination of Dr. Patricia Princehouse. Princehouse is a lecturer in philosophy and evolutionary biology at Case Western Reserve University. She has degrees in anthropology (B.S.) and biological anthropology (M.S.), and earned a doctorate in the history of science from Harvard. At Harvard she studied with (among others) Stephen Jay Gould and Richard Lewontin, and she also did some field work with the Leakeys in Africa.

Princehouse’s testimony covered two main topics. First she provided a detailed analysis of several handouts and a video that have been entered into evidence and were allegedly used by Freshwater in his 8th grade science class. Second, she gave a substantial overview of the history of creationism.

Details of the testimony are in the Panda's Thumb article. Who ever heard of such expert testimony being presented at a teacher-misconduct hearing?


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