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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Harun Yahya says "Stupid Steven" Schafersman will go to hell

In an article titled "My Comments to the Texas Education Agency About the Proposed Revised Science Standards," "Stupid Steven" Schafersman wrote on the Houston Chronicle's Evo.Sphere blog,

KS(7) Please add "SE(F) identify several primate and hominid fossils, their relationship to modern humans, and features that humans have obtained through evolution from them such as stereo vision, long limbs, fingernails rather than claws, a vestigial vermiform appendix, bipedal locomotion, and a larger brain." In the 21st Century, it is necessary that students learn the scientific explanation for human origins, and it is impermissible to keep maintaining the pretense that humans are qualitatively different from other animals (we are quantitatively different, of course, in several respects). If you really wanted to make sure evolution is presented comprehensively, you could require that students know the features that humans inherited from fish (see Neil Shubin's Your Inner Fish).

No, it is not "necessary that students learn the scientific explanation for human origins," nor is it "impermissible to [allegedly] keep maintaining the pretense that humans are qualitatively different from other animals." Stupid Steven's ideological preferences have nothing to do with what is "necessary" and what is "impermissible." Stupid Steven accuses the fundies of trying to inject their ideologies into science classes, but here he is trying to do the same thing. I am not against teaching about human evolution, but Stupid Steven's above reason for teaching it is the dumbest I have ever seen.

Harun Yahya wrote (all emphasis is in original),
Unbelieving evolutionists spend their whole lives denying (surely Allah is beyond that) Allah’s existence. They have made defending this heretical ideology the main purpose of their lives. There is no doubt that their reward for this in Allah’s presence will be very terrible. But every lie they tell and every unscientific scenario they produce to turn people from belief in Allah will confront them in Hell as the dark world of the evolutionary myths in their own minds. Unbelieving evolutionists will encounter the same horrendous moral conceptions in Hell that they have in their minds now. Unless Allah wills otherwise, deniers will suffer an eternal life full of torment. (Allah knows the truth.) . . . .

. . . . One of the distinguishing features of evolutionist propaganda is that it is made up of stories based on evolutionists’ own imaginations. A scientist telling the story generally sets up evolutionary scenarios with his own personal conceptions and by misinterpreting scientific findings through having adopted evolution as a dogma. That scientist will then seek to impose that scenario on people, suggesting it is a thesis based on sound scientific evidence. In fact, what evolutionists do is to portray wild pigs’ teeth as human teeth or else produce hoax skulls by putting bones belonging to different life forms together. Devoid of any evidence with which to prove their theories, Darwinists have no problem with adding a great many imaginary elements to their tales. The fact is, however, that this is an unscientific propaganda technique based on preconception alone.

1- What Do Unbelieving Evolutionists Maintain?

They Claim Human Beings, That Allah Created with Such Superior Features, Are Descended from Apes

Evolutionists claim that human beings, entities possessed of consciousness and free will and able to think, reason, and make decisions and judgments, are descended from apes, which in terms of consciousness, are no different from horses or mice.

What Will Happen in Hell?

Those Who Deny Allah’s Creation (Surely Allah is beyond that) Will Be Made Despicable Apes in This World and the Hereafter
“We said to them, ‘BE APES, DESPISED, CAST OUT.’” (Surat al-Baqara, 65). . . . . .

3- What Do Unbelieving Evolutionists Maintain?

They Claim That They Are Descended “from So-Called Intermediate Forms That Were Unable to Speak, See or Hear”

According to what evolutionists claim, there should have been many life forms that reflected the transition between two species and that bore the features of both. For example, before fish moved onto dry land and turned into reptiles a great many half-lunged and half-gilled, or half-legged and half finned life forms must have existed. Or until apes finally turned into human beings many half-human and half-ape life forms must have existed over many millions of years. Evolutionists call these fictitious entities they believe once existed “intermediate forms.” According to their scenario, during the time of this intermediary transition, a major stage in the so-called evolutionary process, there must have been many life forms with deficient or missing organs between two different species, for which reason there must have been creatures that could not see or hear. The fact is, however, that no evidence for one single intermediate form has been found in any of the millions of fossil specimens that have been extracted from the different strata of the Earth.

What Will Happen in Hell?

Allah Will Assemble the Unbelievers as Entities “Unable to See, Hear or Speak,” Just Like They Wanted

"But if anyone turns away from My reminder, his life will be a dark and narrow one and on the Day of Rising WE WILL GATHER HIM BLIND.” (Surah Ta-Ha, 124)

“...SO WE PUT OUT THEIR EYES: ‘Taste My punishment and warnings!’” (Surat al-Qamar, 37)

“…WE WILL GATHER THEM on the Day of Resurrection, flat on their faces, BLIND, DUMB AND DEAF. Their shelter will be Hell. Whenever the Blaze dies down, We will increase it for them.” (Sura al-Isra’, 97)

And so forth. LOL


Harun Yahya is as zany as the Creation Science Association For Mid-America.

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