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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Judge "Jackass" Jones is still on the lecture circuit

Bridgewater (a better name would be "Bilgewater") College announced that Judge John E. "Jackass" Jones III, the infamous judge who wrote the infamous Kitzmiller v. Dover decision, has been selected to give -- ironically -- the "Constitution Day Address" at the college on Sept. 17. Judge Jones said in a 2006 Dickinson College commencement speech that his Kitzmiller decision was based on his cockamamie notion that the Founders based the establishment clause upon a belief that organized religions are not "true" religions -- a worse choice for a public speaker for Constitution Day could scarcely be imagined. Judge Jones has also said that those who disagree with his Kitzmiller decision have no respect for "judicial independence" and "the rule of law." Furthermore, in the Kitzmiller decision, Jones arrogantly assumed that he knew the answers to questions about evolution that have perplexed generations of scientists and philosophers.

The press release announcing the address said,

As chairman of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, he gained national recognition in the area of alcohol education, with particular emphasis on underage drinking at college campuses, as well as drunk driving.

Actually, as a past chairman of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, he is better known for banning Bad Frog Beer because of what some might consider to be an obscene gesture on the label.



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