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Monday, November 16, 2009

Darwinists still celebrating Pyrrhic Dover victory

You won in Dover, Darwinists, but it was just a Pyrrhic victory, so it is high time that you got over it. It has been four years since the Kitzmiller v. Dover decision, and the plaintiffs' team is still holding an annual reunion [link] [link] [link]. They were even entertained by a Darwinian rap song. "Friend of Darwin" certificates were handed out at a previous reunion [link] [link]. This latest reunion was attended not just by local people -- some people traveled great distances to attend. The Kitzmiller decision is hardly worth celebrating. It is only a judicially unreviewed decision by a single judge and has almost no precedential value -- it is binding only on the Dover Area school district. Furthermore, the badly flawed opinion has been widely panned, even by critics who are pro-Darwinist and anti-ID, e.g., legal scholar Jay Wexler, who thinks that Judge Jones should not have ruled on the scientific merits of ID (for other experts' opinions, see articles in this blog's post-label group Expert opinions about Kitzmiller -- post labels are listed in the sidebar of the homepage). Judge "Jackass" Jones is the poster child of crackpot activist judges. He showed extreme prejudice against ID and the Dover defendants by saying that the decision was based on his cockamamie notion that the Founders based the Constitution's establishment clause upon a belief that organized religions are not "true" religions. He has whined that the critics of the decision have no respect for "judicial independence" and "the rule of law." I think that the decision actually backfired on the Darwinists by alarming and galvanizing people who now think that the courts have gone too far in the application of the establishment clause to the evolution controversy.



Blogger Jim Sherwood said...

The absurd Jones verdict apparently did a lot to stimulate research by ID scientists and the publication of major new ID books, including: Behe, The Edge of Evolution; Dembski and Wells, The Design of Life; Mike Gene, The Design Matrix; Stephen Meyer, Signature in the Cell; and others. Berlinski's book The Devil's Delusion has two chapters debunking Darwinism, and his book The Deniable Darwin and Other Essays has now been published. So there is now a lot more ID activity and general Darwin-debunking activity, which is certain to help inform both old-fashioned scientists and the public in general, about the absurdity of Darwinist doctrine.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 5:26:00 PM  

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