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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Superfundy Pat Boone

Pat Boone has got to be the most strait-laced, tight-assed, puritanical bible-pounding fundy in America. He concluded a recent article with the words,

As I said, I've only scratched the surface. This space isn't big enough to say all that must be said about what this ACLU malignancy is doing to America, so I'll pick up here next week.

Meanwhile, pray for America – before this gang stops you!

Here is what he means by the words, "only scratched the surface." LOL

But we both support HR 2679 (Senate version is S 3696), the Public Expression of Religion Act, which would bar attorney fee awards in establishment clause cases. Will wonders never cease? I personally would prefer a cap on fee awards in both establishment clause and free exercise clause cases, but I see a need to send a message to the ACLU et al. that these establishment clause rip-offs and blackmails will no longer be tolerated.


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