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Monday, September 17, 2007

Email campaign against Baylor Univ. censorship

Baylor University censored the Evolutionary Informatics Lab by removing the EIL website from the Baylor website. Background information is here.

An Uncommon Descent email campaign to protest this censorship is announced here. The comments that I emailed in are the same as the comments that I posted here. The email addresses are posted below in a form ready to be copied and pasted into your outgoing email form. I removed three bad addresses.
Board of Regents

sallcorn@pdbc.org, stansel_allcorn@baylor.edu, jallison@comstockresources.com, jarmes@swsportsgroup.com, wes@baileyinsurance.com, howieb@fbc-amarillo.org, donnat@fbc-amarillo.org, howard_batson@baylor.edu, carlbell@ebellgroup.com, carl_bell@baylor.edu, ablack@otsl.com, albert_black@baylor.edu, katurpen@wbjclinic.com, DBrooks@tallowood.org, duane_brooks@baylor.edu, carmack@legacybank.com, robert_carmack@baylor.edu, Hrc516@aol.com, bobby@fbclubbock.org, bobby_dagnel@baylor.edu, gary_elliston@baylor.edu, Rferguson@austin.RR.com, randy_ferguson@baylor.edu, buddy@hillcopartners.com, buddy_jones@baylor.edu, pline@wtbc.org, agl@angelministries.org, anne_g_lotz@baylor.edu, office@ChristTheKingwaco.org, ramiro_pena@baylor.edu, mdrumwright@juno.com, john_reimers@baylor.edu, darystone@cousinsproperties.com, r_stone@baylor.edu, dpteaff@afca.com

Baylor Administration

John_Lilley@baylor.edu, research@baylor.edu, truell_hyde@baylor.edu, jan_nimmo@baylor.edu


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You seem to be missing out the point the point that William Dembski, a former professor at Baylor removed for his activities on intelligent design was found to be involved in Robert Mark's evolutionary informatics research. If you've read up on Dembski, you would know of his rabid attempts at discrediting evolution theory with his pseudo-science and his association with the "Teach the controversy" campaign with the Discovery Institute. Anything science-related that this man touches is tainted. Whether or not Robert Marks shared Dembski's views on intelligent design, he's certainly paying for it now.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 10:17:00 AM  

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