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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Florida teachers brainwashed with Darwinist dogma

A Florida news article says,

As her students study biology, Mann and her fellow science teachers at Sebring high and statewide will be learning the new science standards they will start teaching students next school year.

"It's a big changeover," Mann said.

The science curriculum across all grade levels will not just be different but more detailed compared to what is being taught.

Sebring High School Principal Toni Stivender recently attended the third in a series of four two-day workshops on the new math and science curriculum standards.

As for the new science curriculum being "more detailed," among the new details are (1) the outrageous cockamamie statement that "evolution is the fundamental concept underlying all of biology" and (2) redefining "scientific theories" as being "well-supported" and "widely accepted" by definition. The teachers are next going to feed these lies to the students.

The Florida science standards might be revisited before the end of 2011, so there is still hope.



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