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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Greg "Osama bin" Laden and "Sleazy" PZ Myers call for national standards for evolution education

Laden and Myers are promoting the following resolution (apparently there is an opportunity to vote yes on the resolution but no opportunity to vote no):

National standards on the teaching of Evolution and the origins of life, decided on and created by top scientists from significant scientific organizations, should direct curricula of all schools nationwide, overriding any state laws on the subjects.

The Darwinists complain about Darwinism being singled out for criticism and now they want Darwinism to be singled out by having its own national standards for education. Sheeeesh. Give me a break.

I used to be in favor of national educational standards for the sake of uniformity and to avoid unnecessary duplication, but no more. I am now also in favor of doing away with state educational standards (except for the required numbers of courses in different subjects). The more centralized the standards for education are, the greater the opportunities for high-pressure special-interest groups to slant and dogmatize education. Textbook authors are -- or should be -- experts in their fields and should not need to be told how to write textbooks.



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