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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Incredible Darwinist bigotry

Darwinist demonstraton at the Nov. 19 oral hearings on the new Texas science standards


This example of Darwinist bigotry is just so bad that I decided to post an article about it here. A public commenter's speech at the November 19 Texas board of education oral hearing for the new Texas science standards said,

Despite what the creationist members of the Board say - Ms Lowe, Ms Leo, Ms Cargill, Ms Dunbar, Mr Mercer, Dr McLeroy and others - everybody in the nation knows that this is absolutely a religious battle, that your dislike of evolution and naturalism and any changes to the TEKs that are supported by the Discovery Institute are religiously motivated. Kitzmiller vs Dover clearly showed that ID and these issues are religious in nature.

"Everybody in the nation knows"? As the Marlboro Filters Man ads used to say, "almost everybody."

The commenter continued,
For you to sit there and tell everyone it is not smacks of arrogance and deliberate willful deception. In other words, lying. I know who the Father of Lies...

At which point Chairman McLeroy interrupts me to say, flustered, "We don't say that word here. You can't say that word."

I look at him, confused.

"Lies. You can't say lies."

"I can't say the words lies?" I ask, incredulous.

So I continue, not finishing the sentence that I was going to say, which was "I know who the Father of Lies is, and it's not Jesus and it's not God."

McLeroy's interruption was understandable. Accusing the board members of lying was slanderous -- the accusation was based on nothing more than an opinion of a single judge and a ridiculous presumption of what "everybody in the nation knows."

I then continue on with my asking them why they are willing to play dice with our taxpayer money to risk a lawsuit, and why they're willing to play dice with our children's future, and kept to the rest of the testimony I'd written - but because of the time McLeroy took away from me by interrupting me I was not able to read my closing few sentences.

Last I will say that McLeroy made a demand that nobody clap, hoot, holler, or talk during people's testimony because he and the Board members wanted to be able to listen to those who spoke and it was a show of respect for those who took the time to come and testify. And for the most part this was respected by the audience. However I was not shown the same courtesy by the Board! (emphasis in original) During my testimony, Terri Leo repeatedly laughed and talked over her shoulder to someone (I think he was a creationist/ID person giving her questions and comments about the testimonies). The laughter and talking by the Board was loud enough to be picked up on the live feed that was streamed from the TEA website because someone emailed me commenting on it.

One other thing someone from the audience told me, when I named the creationist members of the Board, I heard laughter from them. What may have caused that is that apparently Mr Bradley, who I didn't name, waved his hands up in the air like "What about me? You forgot me!" and Dr McLeroy shot him a proud look. And they claim they are not religious? Can you be proud of being a "creationist" without it being religious? Ah, the irony....Or should I say hypocrisy?

The speaker has no sense of humor -- Bradley and McLeroy could have just been joking (though both are in fact creationists).

While everyone wants to be polite, and I also was polite though firm in my assessment, I think it is essential to call a spade a spade.

Calling the board members liars because of a legitimate difference of opinion is being polite?

The rest of the testimony -- which is full of more bigotry -- is here. The testimony said,

Evolution does not threaten religious belief – including Christianity - except if you read Genesis absolutely literally, which most denominations do not. The Presbyterian, Episcopal, Methodist and Catholic Churches formally accept an evolving Creation.

People should not be told what their religious beliefs are supposed to be -- religious beliefs are a personal thing. And large numbers of Moslems, orthodox Jews, and fundy Christians do not believe that evolution theory is compatible with religion.

Needless to say, this speaker is regarded as a heroine by the Darwinists.



Blogger Jim Sherwood said...

It's not only bigotry, it's pure stupidity, or the appearance of such. The claims of the conventional "evolutionary biologists" and their clueless fans, are so dumb, that it's hard to want to waste one's time talking to them.

Sunday, January 18, 2009 2:01:00 PM  
Blogger Jim Sherwood said...

The author of the ignorant diatribe that you cite lists herself as "a Christian with advanced degrees in evolutionary biology." The stuff appeared on the liberal blog Daily Kos, and the commenters there chimed their approval, displaying their inability to imagine that there could be anything wrong with old Darwinist dogmas, or to doubt any of them!

As a San Franicisco liberal, I'm embarassed. But many conservatives are equally ignorant and narrow-minded in their perspective on this controversy. They were all taught to blindly swallow Darwinism, and by golly, they are determined to very stupidly go right on doing so. And they are so ignorant that they think that every non-Darwinist is a creationist!

Sunday, January 18, 2009 4:42:00 PM  
Anonymous Michael said...

I knew some Darwinist demonstration would pull off a stunt like this.

Many Christians and non-Christians alike see evolution as replacing the Bible with materialism and secularism. I don't believe the Darwinist demonstration actually believes that evolution is not a threat to religion otherwise they wouldn't so interested in it as much...

Monday, January 19, 2009 12:37:00 PM  
Blogger bs said...

i thought the point of your blog was free speech... so why are you happy when your ideological opponents are censored? it also says below that comments are moderated, but on your home page, it says they will not be.

that's just kind of confusing for your readers.

Friday, February 06, 2009 8:13:00 PM  

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