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Friday, April 24, 2009

Jerry Coyne slams the hypocritical National Center for Science Education

In an article on his blog, Jerry Coyne shows why the NCSE is sometimes called the "National Center for Selling Evolution":

Among professional organizations that defend the teaching of evolution, perhaps the biggest offender in endorsing the harmony of science and faith is The National Center for Science Education. Although one of their officers told me that their official position on faith was only that “we will not criticize religions,” a perusal of their website shows that this is untrue. Not only does the NCSE not criticize religion, but it cuddles up to it, kisses it, and tells it that everything will be all right . . . .

I feel that in its battle against creationism, the NCSE should represent all evolutionary biologists. But they are not representing a lot of us when they nuzzle up to theologians and vigorously push the harmony of science and religion. In effect, they’re pretending that the many people who disagree with their philosophical message don’t exist. . . . . .

The NCSE also ignores theologians and religions groups that are critical of evolution theory -- e.g., Cardinal Schönborn, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Jerry Coyne says,
The pro-religion stance of the NCSE is offensive and unnecessary — a form of misguided pragmatism. First, it dilutes their mission of spreading Darwinism, by giving credibility to the views of scientists and theologians who are de facto creationists, whether they admit it or not. Second, it departs from their avowed mission to be philosophically neutral. Third, it disingenuously pretends that evolution poses absolutely no threat to faith, or conflicts with faith in any way . . . .

But despite their avowed commitment to not mixing philosophy with science, an important part of the NCSE’s activities is its “Faith Project,” whose director is the theologically trained Peter M. J. Hess. This project appears to be devoted entirely to the philosophical position that evolution need not conflict with “proper” faith.

Those who interpret the gospel literally but do not interpret the biblical creation story literally are a kind of "cafeteria Christian." But the only basis for believing the gospel is a belief in the inerrancy of the bible, and if the bible is inerrant, then the bible's creation story must be true. And the creation story is consistent with the idea of an all-powerful god whereas the gospel is not -- the god of the gospel is a weak, limited god who must battle Satan for control of the world.

Holier-than-thou theistic evolutionists consider Christian Darwin-doubters to be heretics and apostates. Theistic evolutionists not only view Darwin-doubters as ignorant and stupid but view them as sinners and blasphemers who mock god by questioning god's wisdom of using evolution as a method of creating. Theistic evolutionists have been enlisting the clergy in efforts to marginalize and ostracize Darwin-doubters (an example -- the Clergy Letter Project). Theistic evolutionists regard Darwin-doubters as agents of the devil. The theistic evolutionists are as bigoted and hate-filled as any bible-pounding holy-rolling fundy crackpot. William Dembski calls theistic evolutionism the "most implacable foe" of intelligent design:

Howard Van Till's review of my book No Free Lunch exemplifies perfectly why theistic evolution remains intelligent design's most implacable foe. Not only does theistic evolution sign off on the naturalism that pervades so much of contemporary science, but it justifies that naturalism theologically -- as though it were unworthy of God to create by any means other than an evolutionary process that carefully conceals God's tracks.

The theistic evolutionists have even enlisted the help of Judge "Jackass" Jones, who said in the Kitzmiller v. Dover opinion,

Repeatedly in this trial, Plaintiffs' scientific experts testified that the theory of evolution represents good science, is overwhelmingly accepted by the scientific community, and that it in no way conflicts with, nor does it deny, the existence of a divine creator.




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