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Friday, May 08, 2009

Anti-McLeroy campaign targets lieutenant governor

TFN Insider, the blog of the Texas Freedom Network, says,

Texas State Board of Education Chairman Don McLeroy . . . has been making the rounds of Senate offices this week with a lobbyist . . . The two are trying to turn the tide on McLeroy’s endangered confirmation for another term as board chairman. We hear from one Capitol office that McLeroy is telling folks he believes his confirmation hopes have been resuscitated.

TFN then urges readers to ask Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst to oppose confirmation of McLeroy. I urge you to ask Dewhurst to support McLeroy. Contact information for Dewhurst is here. Background info on McLeroy is here. There is no time to waste -- the legislative session ends June 2 and the Texas Senate probably has a lot of other business to deal with.

TFN is seeking petty revenge against McLeroy. If McLeroy is denied confirmation, the governor will probably just replace him with another board member who is no better than McLeroy in TFN's eyes and maybe even worse.

The Darwinists have been intimidating Darwin-doubters for too long and that needs to end.



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