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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Quibbling over Ohio evolution education plans

In February 2006, in response to the December release of the Kitzmiller v. Dover decision which banned intelligent design from public schools in the Dover Area school district in Pennsylvania, the Ohio Board of Education panicked and voted to drop its controversial "Critical Analysis of Evolution" lesson plan, even though there was no lawsuit in Ohio and the plan did not include intelligent design. Critics of the plan claimed that it contained "creationist" arguments. The board initially voted in January to keep the plan. BTW, both the January and February proposals to drop the evolution lesson plan were introduced as phony "emergency" matters in order to give the sleazy board a lame excuse to avoid hearing public comments before voting. Anyway, the board said that it might later consider a replacement for the plan. A proposed replacement that the board is now considering, called "Controversy Template", challenges "everything." Board member Debra Owens Fink said that the new proposal "isn't a challenge to evolution, but is a challenge to everything. Teachers will be encouraged to have debates on all controversial topics." Well, at least Darwinists can't make their usual complaint that evolution is being singled out for criticism. LOL Also, I hope that this month's board vote on the issue is not another phony "emergency." The most important question is whether the new proposed plan is constitutional. The plan does not have to make sense to be constitutional. As Sir Thomas More said in the play "A Man for All Seasons," "the world must construe according to its wits. This court must construe according to the law."

BTW, I think that it is silly for the states to have their own K-12 education standards -- I think that we should have uniform national K-12 education standards. Uniform national standards would help assure uniform national preparation for college and would help prevent disruptions in the education of K-12 students who transfer from one state to another.



Anonymous Voice In The Wilderness said...

It looks like the Ohio Board of Education is taking Thomas More's advice and construing according to the law.

> I think that we should have uniform national K-12 education standards. <

And who is to make these "standards"?

It looks like you purposely look for dumb ideas just to raise controversy and get attention.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006 7:30:00 AM  

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