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Friday, July 13, 2007

Simplified instructions for holy war against Wickedpedians

Update: Cheri Yecke's Wikipedia bio has been "semi-protected," which means that only those with Wikipedia user registrations four days old or older can edit the bio.

The crusade against the Great Satan, the evil Wickedpedian control freaks, is in full swing. There were about 20 reverts yesterday on Cheri Yecke's bio.

This article contains instructions on how you can very easily help even if you know absolutely nothing about Wikipedia editing.

I have been unexpectedly joined by three allies on the Wikipedia bio of Cheri Yecke. Their editing has been far less restrained than mine -- they are wiping out everything that has anything to do with the evolution controversy. In contrast, in my first edit, I did not delete or change anything already there but only added a short rebuttal along with links to this blog. When they censored that rebuttal, I retaliated only by censoring their material that referenced blogs, saying that if my blog goes, then the other blogs go too. There is a Wikipedia rule -- with some narrow exceptions that do not apply here -- that blogs may not be used as sources. So if an exception to the rule is made for some blogs pursuant to Wikipedia's "Ignore the Rules" rule, then the exceptions must be made for all blogs. On the discussion page, the Wickedpedians had the gall to try to justify their discrimination by calling this blog "crappy" while calling the blogs of Ding Elsberry and Sleazy PZ Myers "reputable." The Wickedpedians even made some frivolous claims about these two BVD-clad bloggers being "nationally syndicated columnists." If you don't find all of this to be an outrage, then I beg you to read some other blog (like the Glenlivet whiskey ad where the brewmaster says, "if you can't drink Glenlivet in the proper way, then I beg you to drink some other Scotch").

Reinforcements are badly needed in the holy war against these satanic Wickedpedian control freaks. The scumbags have now blocked me so I cannot wage jihad myself. I find that anonymous proxies no longer work in hacking Wikipedia. A lot of readers here might not be familiar with Wikipedia editing, so below are some simplified instructions in what to do. I don't mean to insult your intelligence, but it is so simple that a trained monkey could do it in a few seconds:
You can edit Wikipedia without registering. Go to this webpage. This is my initial edit, with just my rebuttal added and no other changes. Also, this version has my name and the name of this blog -- I was too generous before in removing these when the names of the other bloggers and their blogs are included. This is the way the bio is supposed to be.

Click on "Edit this page" tab on the top (I could have eliminated this step if I weren't blocked), above and to the right of the name "Cheri Yecke."

Then, without making any changes, go to around the middle of the webpage and click on "save" or "save page" or something like that (I don't remember exactly). You may want to add some remarks in the box just above the save button, like "restoring Larry Fafarman's initial edit, with just his rebuttal added and no other changes. This is the way the bio is supposed to be."

That's it!

BTW, this bio is a smear campaign against Cheri Yecke. Here are the facts: Back in 2003, Yecke, as Minnesota's commissioner of education, said that teaching creationism was "off the table" as a result of a 1987 Supreme Court decision but that a Congressional report accompanying the No Child Left Behind Act recommended "teaching the controversy" and she said that decisions about "teaching the controversy" should be left up to local school districts. For this she is being vilified today. There is nothing wrong with citing a Congressional report for support -- the courts do it all the time.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

> On the discussion page, the Wickedpedians had the gall to try to justify their discrimination by calling this blog "crappy" <

That seems to fit based on your language.

> while calling the blogs of Ding Elsberry and Sleazy PZ Myers "reputable." <

They seem to be.

Saturday, July 14, 2007 12:11:00 AM  

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