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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Evolution Store


Penis bones -- from The Evolution Store gift shop. With the exception of man, most primates, rodents, and several other animal groups, have a penis bone, called a baculum. Located within the erectile tissue, this bone provides rigidity to aid in copulation. Genuine. Individual bones displayed above are $6 apiece. All four in a display case -- $29. Who needs Viagra? Who needs penis pumps and strap-on dildos? Well, now we know where the expression "flip the bone" came from.


There is a store called "The Evolution Store" in New York City. I checked their merchandise and it has little or nothing to do with evolution. There are some fossils and fossil parts for sale but these things are only indirectly related to evolution. Maybe it was named "The Evolution Store" because of the false notion that evolution is the foundation of biology.


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