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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Proposal for totalitarian national standards for education

A news article says,
It's been a long-held tradition in American public education that decisions about standards and curriculum are best left to state and local school systems, not the federal government. But that soon could change, amid mounting evidence that American students are falling behind their peers in other countries.

Leading education groups and government officials agreed at a congressional hearing April 29 that adopting common academic standards across all states might be the way to give U.S. students an advantage in an increasingly competitive and international marketplace.

Though American students' performance at any particular age or grade level tends to be mediocre, that is compensated for by the fact that Americans tend to have more years of education than people in other countries.

Having national standards would make it harder for the average individual citizen to influence education policy. Having national standards would make it much easier for high-powered lobbying organizations to uniformly impose their "politically correct" dogmas in such controversial areas of education as evolution and the holocaust. Highly centralized education standards are characteristic of totalitarian fascist and communist regimes -- look at the Hitler Youth, for example. We should be going the other way by abolishing state standards for education -- except perhaps for listing the kinds of courses to be taken (in fact, IMO there should be national standards for the kinds of courses to be taken) -- and going to local standards. It is fairly easy for average citizens to attend local meetings of school boards, but attending statewide -- let alone national -- hearings on standards of education is a big burden for most citizens.



Blogger Jim Sherwood said...

The "politically correct" are generally true-believers in the bizarre dogmas of philosophical materialism, which are closely connected with Darwinism. Materialists confuse their philosophical notions with science, and imagine that materialism is scientifically verified: they think that they are the "elite" which understands "the truth," while others are incompetent to think for themselves. According to the flaky notions of the materialists, humans are essentially just machines, under the control of mindless, mechanical forces: so these zealots think that free will is really non-existent. Disciples of the materialist faith thus have no reason to believe that individuals should have rights, freedom of thought and inquiry, etc. On the contrary, they must eventually conclude that the political authorities should indoctrinate others rigorously, inculcating all of the doctrines which a "ruling elite" regards as "scientifically" correct. Eventually this must lead to the totalitarian suppression of dissent and the persecution, probably the imprisonment, of dissenters: as happened in the old Communist totalitarian dictorships, which were ruled by "scientific materialists."

The Nazis had their doctrine of "racial science," which was derived from Darwinist notions, especially by way of eugenics. Although they weren't necessarily materialists, they nevertheless imagined that they were following the dictates of verifiable science. So everyone had to be indoctrinated in racism, eugenics, etc. by their so-called "elite:" totalitarianism.

Elitist concepts now drive the Darwinists, as they fight for total control of the public schools.

Saturday, May 09, 2009 4:58:00 PM  

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